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How to make your own Christmas wreath

Article by Homes to Love

Homes to Love caught up with florist Eden Kersten, aka The Botanist, to find out how to make a fresh green wreath

Eden Hessell, The Botanist

What greenery have you used for this wreath?

I’ve used Holly, eucalyptus, protea leaves, moss, scabiosa, and poppy heads.


What equipment do I need?

– Oasis (wet floral foam) wreath
– Greenery and flowers of your choice
– Scissors
– String to hang


How do I make it?

Soak oasis in water until saturated. Gather greenery, trim stems and remove lower leaves so they can be inserted into oasis. Insert larger pieces first, evenly distributing each variety of greenery around the wreath. Finish by filling the gaps with smaller pieces and some moss. Hang on a couple of nails.


How long will it last?

It will last approximately four weeks.

Any tips for prolonging its life?

Spray the oasis wreath with water every couple of days.

Any extra handy wreath tips?

Use hardy foliage, nothing with soft tips.

A little bit about Eden
Resident florist and events co-ordinator at The Botanist, Eden Hessell has a passion for flowers with nearly 20 years’ industry experience. She was recently named Auckland’s best florist by Metro magazine. You can follow her floral endeavours on Instagram @thebotanistnz. These wreaths are available ready-made through The Botanist.

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