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4 budget friendly DIY projects with cotton rope

So simple and so cost-effective, these fun craft projects with cotton rope are an easy way to add some texture to your decor


Cotton rope placemats and coasters

+ As a base for the rope to sit on we used an MDF coaster and placemat.
+ Apply glue to MDF and, starting at centre, wind rope around itself to make a spiral.
+ We used 1.3m rope for coaster, 7.7m for mat, but depends on thickness.
+ Tuck end under coil or seal with clear craft glue.


Cotton rope key ring

Thread a key ring onto 30cm of cotton rope then fold in half with ring at loop end.
Take embroidery thread, knot one end around rope 5cm below loop and wind around middle section of rope; use single colour or create stripes with different colours; knot at the end.
Unravel rope ends to create tassels.


Cotton rope plant pots

This is a great way to add texture and revamp tired plant pots.
Apply clear craft glue to pot’s top edge and wind rope tightly around top.
Keep winding, adding glue to pot sides as you go down. A big pot needs about 10m rope; smaller ones about 6m.
Tuck end under itself or seal with clear craft glue.
Make sure you start and end on same side so you can stand pot with joins at the back.


Cotton rope shelf

Take 3 pieces pine 60cm x 12cm x 2cm and drill 2 holes at each end.
Holes should be 3cm in from edge and big enough to fit rope.
You need 2 x 3m (approx) lengths of rope.
Take 1 rope and thread through a front hole on bottom shelf, knotting underneath (leave 15cm rope under knot to form tassel).
Tie a knot about 20cm up rope and thread on second shelf; repeat for third shelf.
Allow 1m of rope for hanging before threading rope down through front holes on other side, knotting as before.
Repeat with second rope for back holes.
Hang. (Paint wood first if desired.)

Created by: Vanessa Nouwens. Photography by: Wendy Fenwick.

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