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How to arrange parrot tulips

Parrot tulips are available early autumn to late spring and make for a unique arrangement. Here’s how to arrange themParrot-tulip

Top tips for parrot tulips

  • Parrot tulips have multi-coloured heads and wrinkled petals, giving them a much more rustic and wild appearance compared to the popular variety.
  • For this relaxed arrangement, ensure you wash all the stems as they will be gritty with soil; trim to desired height; remove lower foliage leaves and place in water immediately.
  • If left out of water too long the heads can droop drastically as they are already very top-heavy.
  • Tulips look best in an arrangement on their own as they grow 2cm per day when placed in a vase of water. Keep them out of direct sunlight, fill the vase with water right to the top, and change water every second day.

Text and floral by: Eden Hessell. Portrait by: Bauer Media Studios. Jug from: Flotsam & Jetsam.

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