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4 ways with… T-shirts

Vanessa Nouwens shows you how to create a coaster, a cushion cover, a stool cover and a tasselled wall hanging – all from an old t-shirt.

4 ways with a t shirt coasters

Coasting along


Coasting along

Cut 2cm-wide strips from a large white T-shirt. Machine sew three strips of fabric together at the ends to make one long piece of fabric. Repeat this process until you have three long strips. Tie fabric strips together at one end and start plaiting. Knot at the end. Lie on a flat surface and coil the plaited fabric to make the coaster. Pin the end to secure. Hand sew the outer fabric to the inner fabric with a tacking stitch so it doesn’t unwind.

4 ways with a t shirt cushions

Cushy number

Recycle an old T-shirt or buy a new one (plain or printed) and sew into a cushion. Cut off the arms and neck of the T-shirt so there are two square pieces of fabric. Add a zip and sew up the sides for a soft and super-comfy cushion. If your kids have a favourite T-shirt they have grown out of but still love, why not make a cushion for their room?


4 ways with a t shirt stool cover

Top it off

Cut a piece of foam the same size as the top of a stool. Cut a circle of fabric from an old T-shirt, which is 10cm bigger in diameter than the stool. Place foam and fabric on top of the stool and fold the fabric under the stool. Secure with a staple gun. Pull the fabric taut before securing for a smooth finish.


4 ways with a t shirt tassled hanging decoration

No hassle tassel

Measure and cut strips from a T-Shirt 2cm wide and 30cm long to form tassels. You may need more than one T-shirt. Fold six strips in half then tie another strip close to the top to make the tassel head. Thread tassels onto a piece of ribbon, wool or twine and hang.


Words by: Vanessa Nouwens
Photography by: Melanie Jenkins @ Flash Studios

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