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10 kitchen appliance ideas every busy household could benefit from

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Busy households this list is for you! Cut down on chores and leave more time for fun with the family with the help of these clever kitchen appliances

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When it comes to the everyday routines of running a busy household, it’s the little things that make a big difference. A well-designed kitchen stocked with smart kitchen appliances takes the stress out of daily tasks so you can get on with the important stuff.

1. Easy-clean

Look for easy-clean appliances. A glass cooktop is easy to wipe clean, and a fridge with a fingerprint-resistant finish keeps sticky fingerprints to a minimum. If you dread cleaning the oven look for one with self-cleaning (pyrolytic) like the Haier 11-function built-in oven, which runs at such a high temperature that all the baked-on grease and food is reduced to ash.

2. Quick cooking

Cooking is quicker with an induction or gas cooktop – no time wasted waiting for the elements to heat up!

3. Safety first

Minimise the stress of family life with the help of technology like the Haier kiddie lock function, which prevents children from turning on an element and burning themselves.

4. Dishwasher friendly

A well-designed dishwasher makes this daily chore a breeze. Choose a cutlery tray or basket, depending on your family’s preference, and make sure there’s enough height for your largest plates and your tallest glasses, so you don’t have to keep washing them by hand.

5. Fridge design

How much time do you spend staring into the fridge, wondering what to cook for dinner? Make life easy with a french door fridge so you can easily see and reach everything.

6. Door alert

A door alarm will tell you when you’ve accidentally left the fridge open too long, helping keep your food fresh and reduce your power bill.

7. Water on tap

For instant access to cool water without constantly opening the fridge door, choose a fridge with an exterior water dispenser.

8. Auto freeze

A freezer with an automatic ice maker will save you time refilling ice trays (and mopping up spills as you carry them to the freezer!)

9. Temperature control

To reduce food waste, look for a fridge that treats different foods differently. A variable temperature zone inside your fridge, such as Haier’s MyZone, can be set to a different temperature from the rest of the fridge, ideal for storing meat or seafood or cooling drinks quickly when entertaining.

10. Under warranty

For a stress-free future, make sure your appliances come with a warranty. All Haier appliances have a full two-year parts and labour warranty with 24/7 Customer Care Service.

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