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How to give your bedroom a makeover for 2020 with bold new bed linen

Turn your bed into a style statement this new year with bold prints, plush textures and luxe details from the latest Your Home and Garden bed linen range, available exclusively at Farmers

Channel your inner magazine stylist – the new season’s Your Home and Garden bedding range is all about mixing, matching and experimentation. Hitting Farmers stores from 15 January with the full range available from March, it marks a move away from neutrals and towards the world of rich colour.

“This season is bold,” says West Senior, Farmers Home Buyer. “Many of the most current colour trends are realised in this collection. There are earthy tones, and textures and patterns that talk to the idea of getting back to nature, like foliage and safari animals. We also have retro colourways that can really make your bed a statement.”

Aimed at the bedlinen lover who doesn’t mind taking a few risks, the collection works best when it’s layered up in unexpected ways. “It is an eclectic mix of designs with colour being the hero running through it,” West explains. “It’s really unique.”

While the colours do appear to contrast at first, they have been chosen for their ability to work together, with rich clay matched with teal and navy or soft pale greens enhancing mustard or blue. Fans of the pared-back look shouldn’t totally despair either, as there are some more subdued colours available, too.

And if you’re not up for overhauling your entire bedroom look, West suggests updating your colour palette with pillows or accessories. “Oversized euros will stand out, or standard pillows in an accent colour are a good option.”

Top picks

  • Saffron duvet set: this set features chenille tufting on a crinkle cotton base and has a perfectly ‘undone’ vibe.
  • Velvet quilting: featured on quilts and euro cushions this contemporary quilted design adds a luxurious lustre to the bed.
  • Soft fur blankets (arriving March): generously sized and great for layering on the bed or snuggling up with on the couch and watching movies.


Style tip

Consider scale when mixing textures. Combining both large- and small-scale textures gives a sense of balance. Introducing small hints of contrasting colours will break things up but won’t overpower the look.

Words by: Katie Newton. Photography by: Rebekah Robinson.

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