8 items cleaning experts say you should wash every single week

From towels to children’s toys, these everyday items might need to be cleaned more often than you think.

Basic hygiene is important all year round but in the current climate it’s wise to scrub up on your household cleanliness and, at the very least, make sure you’re washing these everyday items as often as you should.

Here, the cleaning experts at Mattress Online have revealed how often you should wash everything from your pillowcases to your make-up brushes and even your computer keyboard. If you thought your house was squeaky clean, their answers might shock you.

Make-up brushes

You may be surprised to hear that your make-up brushes should be washed once a week – using a cleanser or shampoo. The bacteria streptococcus can live in the bristles, causing a series of illnesses such as scarlet fever, impetigo and strep throat, if not cleaned regularly.


Air your mattress daily and wash bedding – sheets and duvet cover – weekly. The experts have also recommended your pillowcases to be washed every other day and your mattress vacuumed once a fortnight.

Tea towels and dishcloths

Tea towels and dishcloths should be washed daily or every second day, depending on how much you use your kitchen. It’s wise to have a couple of tea towels on the go for different uses: one for food prep, one for drying dishes. Microfiber cleaning cloths can be washed and reused.

Computer keyboard

Your computer keyboard should be cleaned once a week to stop the spread of germs. Wash once a week with a can of compressed air to spray between the keys and use a sanitising wipe.

Children’s toys

Toys should be washed once a week. Use warm soapy water or run them through a dishwasher if they’re durable. Soft toys, like teddy bears, can be cleaned in the washing machine.

Bath mat and towels

You should air your bath mat after every shower, and wash at least once a week. Bath towels and hand towels should be washed at 40 degrees every two days. But when doing so, don’t go overboard with detergent, as it can build up over time and cause your towels to smell.

Light switches

Wipe them down with an antibacterial wipe every week. The same goes for the TV remotes and other gadgets you use regularly.


Your sofas should be vacuumed with a fabric brush attachment at least once a week to get rid of crumbs, dust, dirt and pet hair. You can also use a fabric sanitiser or disinfectant spray to kill germs.


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