Channel one of these four moods to give your home a winter refresh

Take comfort in your surroundings as the chill arrives with seasonal winter updates to your favourite rooms.

Front walls painted in Resene Leather. Back wall in Resene Quarter Linen. Floor stained in Resene Colorwood Dark Ebony. Vase painted in Resene Calico. Rug from Nodi, chair and vase from Domo, shelf from Citta, armchair and coffee table from Matisse, Head ornament and dishes from Republic Home.


You’ll be inside a lot over winter, so indulge yourself with a specially created space, filled with objects you love. This room opening into another room has an art gallery feel, which amplifies the importance of the collection of personal objects, furniture and paintings. The warm brown walls in Resene Leather in the foreground sets the tonal scene, while the contrasting neutral wall in Resene Quarter Linen behind keeps the overall space relaxed and welcoming, and will give you plenty of moments of joy.


Walls painted in Resene Rice Cake. Full circle in Resene Twine. Half-circle in Resene Dust Storm.

Commandeer a corner, alcove or niche under the stairs that can be put to good use as a home admin centre. Be creative with the walls and update these either seasonally or when you feel like a change. Ask for accent wall colours to be tinted into a base of Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen for a durable wall finish that doubles as a chalkboard for remembering tasks.


Walls painted in Resene Palm Green. Floor painted in Resene Greige. Bowl painted in Resene Bubble White. Books in Resene Rivergum and Resene Deep Teal. Cabinet painted in Resene Double Spanish White and Resene Vintage.

If you’re after all-out glamour, painting your living space a jewel-toned emerald puts you on the fast-track to total luxury. It’s both cocooning and exotic, and you can give in to any maximalist tendencies you may have by pairing it with green velvet furniture.

While brass and mustard accents add warmth, go a step further and make a statement by painting a cabinet in vertical stripes in your favourite Resene colours. The key is in the execution and you’ll need to use high-quality painter’s masking tape and a ruler to get the lines straight.


Walls in Resene Half Stack. Floor in Resene Silver Chalice. Door is in Resene Surrender. Bedside table is in Resene Double Stack. Pendant lamp, semi-circle on wall, arch vase and floor all painted in Resene Half Grey Friars. Pots painted in Resene Desperado and Resene Cape Palliser.

Escaping to your bedroom for some ‘me’ time will be so much more dramatic if you try a sepia theme. Film noir fans will appreciate the moody and mysterious blacks, whites and greys these films are famous for. If you opt to strip back your walls to grey, the effect could be as though you’re seeing your space in greyscale. Experiment with lighter and darker shades of grey to create drama with a hit of terracotta. Use Resene SpaceCote Flat to add to the moodiness of your colours. You could also introduce rounded shapes to add a nurturing accent to keep from going full femme fatale.

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