3 dining table looks to serve up brunch, lunch and dinner in style

The dining table is a great place for families and friends to connect. It’s often where we share the experiences of our day and celebrate special occasions. Here’s how to style it for brunch, lunch and dinner   

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Dressing your dining table with dinnerware that complements the occasion will make everyone feel welcome and special. “If, like me, you’re a fan of the boho look, our Byron sage green dining set is a perfect choice,” says Jade Turner, lead designer at The Warehouse.

A few styling tips to keep in mind when you’re bringing friends and family together for a meal:

  • Match the dinnerware to the food you’re serving. If it’s Japanese for dinner, choose dinnerware in a minimalist style, such as the Tokyo dinner set (arriving soon), to give your table a zen feel.
  • For breakfast, foster a relaxed family-friendly feel with seagrass placemats and coloured bowls for muesli.
  • For a casual lunch, let everyone serve themselves from mix and match serving bowls on the table to foster amiability.
  • Accentuate the style of your tablescape with finishing touches. If it’s a natural look, try a sprig of rosemary at each place setting.
  • For a more formal setting, a small posy of flowers and candles elevate the table and create ambience, but ensure these are low on the table so conversation can flow freely across the table.



Natural brunch table

A natural or casual brunch table look should focus on soft colours and texture. Woven placemats are the perfect base layer with pastel plates and bowls layered on top. Choose stainless steel cutlery, textured glass tumblers or a ceramic mug.


Elegant lunch table

To achieve an elegant lunch table look, start with chic black placemat. Add a striking geometric tray in the centre of the table to anchor the look. Layer patterned plates and beautifully textured glassware to tie the look together.


Rustic Scandi dinner table

A rustic Scandi dinner table look is perfect for cosy family dinners. Woven placemats add a rustic first layer whilst grey plates and black cutlery bring in the Scandi element. Don’t forget wine glasses, salt and pepper grinders plus a bunch of dried flowers to tie the whole look together.

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