Strachan Group Architects

Multi-award winning architecture practice Strachan Group pride themselves on their specific and detailed knowledge, as well as their highly developed sense of craft in creating sustainable and elegant designs. The practice brings a keen sense of attention to the client’s desires, which they then translate into inspiring responses.

Director Dave Strachan’s own Mt Eden home is an example of his innovative design abilities. Inside, many design lessons, hard-won over decades, are in evidence. In collaboration with architectural graduate Ross Keane and other members of the Strachan Group Architects’ team, Dave plays with compression and release, directs natural light, frames views and nails the textural tapestry, all while orchestrating a balanced experience.

The building responds effortlessly to the intensity of this urban site, using opal glass, louvre screens, judicious planting and a pergola above the pool to switch between the private and public realm.

The team also have some exciting projects in the woodwork, including a collaboration with newly formed Bunting Brothers Construction in Leigh.