Bureaux are an award-winning architecture and interior design studio, producing a varied body of work across housing, cultural, retail and hospitality projects. Founded in 2010 by University friends Jessica Barter and Maggie Carroll, the pair prides themselves on taking a personal approach to every brief that they work on. The team often have different ideas on projects, creating an environment of constructive creative friction while still maintaining a rare synergy that ensures the firm performs to the best of its ability.

Bureaux have now established a network of trusted professionals who have allowed them to expand and take on numerous projects across the country. With a very impressive portfolio now behind them, particularly in the rural space, they have established themselves as one of New Zealand’s top high-end architectural firms. With an eye for detail, they have also now ventured into interiors to offer a full-service architectural-interior hybrid.

The duo has received numerous accolades since their conception, and their work has been recognised both nationally and internationally. They believe their success comes down to being “well planned and finely detailed – a seamless and sophisticated marriage of the artisanal and the technical.”