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Where to buy a real Christmas tree in Auckland

There’s something extraordinary about bringing in a piece of nature to celebrate the festive season

Photographer: Nikole Ramsay

There’s no better holiday tradition than displaying a real Christmas tree in your home or office to celebrate the festive season.

If you’re wondering where to buy the best real Xmas trees in NZ, we’ve searched high and low, and have fallen in love with the classic pine varieties from Misa Christmas Tree Farm. They add an authentic ambience to their surroundings, infusing the air with a sweet, refreshing scent, and are more aesthetically pleasing than their plastic counterparts. Notably, all Misa trees are freshly cut, so their distinctive scent lasts throughout December.

To create memories the whole family will cherish, we recommend visiting the Misa Christmas Tree Farm in Mount Eden, Auckland to select your tree. Order in advance here to ensure you’re guaranteed your requested tree size.

If you desire the convenience of a real Christmas tree delivery during the busy period of December, you’ll be delighted to hear that Misa Christmas Tree Farm delivers Auckland-wide. From the Hibiscus Coast and North Shore to West, East and South Auckland, booking a doorstep delivery here has never been easier.

Importantly, if you’re looking to dispose of your tree after Christmas or you don’t have a garden waste service, Misa Christmas Trees offers a convenient removal and recycling service which you can book online here. Alternatively, you can drop your tree back to Misa Christmas Tree Farm, where it’s recycled into organic products like compost and mulch.

Real pine trees from Misa Christmas Tree Farm

How do I choose the best Christmas tree for my space?

Selecting a real Christmas tree is no easy feat. Thankfully, Misa Christmas Tree Farm offers a multitude of tree sizes, like apartment-suitable (0.9-1.2m) and massive (2.6-2.9m).

First, it’s best to consider your ceiling space, and that the larger your tree size, the wider it’ll be. In Auckland, the standard ceiling height is 2.4m, so small, medium or large tree sizes will work well.

Bungalow ceilings are around 2.7m, and villa ceilings range from 3.3 to 3.6m, allowing you to opt for huge or massive sizes. You may even opt for a reindeer that ranges from 10-20 feet and is perfectly shaped to fill large spaces like foyers.

It’s also important to consider the transportation of your tree. If you choose to click-and-collect from Misa Christmas Tree Farm, the team will help you load your pine tree into your car boot, roof or trailer and provide string to tie down your boot securely. However, this is where the convenience of a doorstep delivery may come in handy, which you can organise here.

Christmas pine trees add an authentic ambience to their surroundings, and are more aesthetically pleasing than their plastic counterparts

How do I care for a real Xmas tree in NZ?

Once your real Christmas tree is upright, the real fun begins — you’ll need to ensure it’s looking green and fresh for when Santa comes down the chimney.

Place your pine tree in a shady spot, allowing plenty of space for presents to sit at the base. Decorate with Christmas tree lightsornaments, and tinsel, and add the presents under the tree to open on the big day. If you’re Grinch-adjacent, you don’t need to go all out on decorations — a pine tree’s natural, grounding greenery speaks for itself.

To keep your Christmas tree alive throughout December, consult our guide here.

How much do Christmas trees from a farm cost in NZ?

Depending on its size, a freshly cut pine tree in New Zealand can cost anywhere from $55 for an apartment-size shrub (a cheap, space-saving option) to $1,500 for a sky-high 5-6 metre tall tree.

To ensure this year’s Christmas is as stress-free as possible, order your real pine tree online from Misa Christmas Tree Farm today and make your holiday extra special.

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