Our favourite hand-blown glass pendants are an interior must-have

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Hand-blown glass pendants are a great way to incorporate one of a kind feature items into your home, here are our favourites. 

Parison Pendant by Pip Cheshire 

The winner of the 2014 Design Awards was Cheshire Architects for the ‘Parison’ pendant for Resident, an elegant mix of the hand-made and the digital (it’s made when a bubble of layered molten glass is mouth-blown into a computer-cut mould of water-soaked cherrywood). The pendant debuted at the Milan furniture fair as part of the Resident collection.

Make it yours for $1280 from Resident 

Torchon Pendant by Pip Cheshire 

Winner of the 2015 HOME Design Award, the Torchon Pendant by Pip Cheshire is a fiery innovative rush by glass artist Luke Jacomb in an unassuming little shed in West Auckland. Judge of the Design Awards, design professional Mark Elmore described the pendant as “an amazing fusion of design, technology and craft. I think the way they’ve taken the very pure simple spherical shape in glass and inserted that very organic craft-based natural form inside that.. is an amazing piece of design.”  

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“The soft, spherical glass is carefully mouth-formed and, as this bubble cools, a ball of molten glass is placed into its open aperture,” Cheshire says. “Immediately, a digitally formed tool is plunged into its malleable core, forming a perfect quartz-like crystal.”

Make it yours for $990 from Resident 

Monmouth Glass Studio 

Monmouth Glass Studio have made a name for themselves with their fine, functional glassware and lighting, handmade with traditional hot glass techniques. The team of Stephen Bradbourne and Isaac Katzoff focus on balancing their time and resources between bespoke, commissioned pieces and commercial items such as glassware and lighting.

Customers are able to access a range of pendants via their online store or select retail partners, our favourite of their commercial range is their tilt pendant (below).The light is a play on the dome pendant, and it is full of character. The glass loop on each is placed at a slightly different angle – so that if hung in a cluster they all hang differently.

Make it yours for $425-$900 from Monmouth Glass Studio 

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