7 of the best home decor trends and where to shop the look

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This year we’re seeing big, bold, textured trends making their way into our homes. We take a look at seven of the best styles and our favourite items from each 



1. Green living

Bring the lushness of the outdoors inside and you’ll see it’s easy to be green. A few well-chosen pieces will give you the green fix you need – a boldly coloured rug will add some drama but for those wanting a more subtle hit, try changing out some cushions in different shades.

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Kartell light, $164, from Backhouse. 2 Marac chaise, $POA, from Sarsfield Brooke. 3 Moooi light, $2,145, from ECC. Ice bucket, $140, by French Country Collections. Resident chair, from $960, from Simon James Design. Sofa, $2,295, from Meandmytrend. Rug, $POA, from Source Mondial. 8 Sofa, $3,675, by May Time. 9 Hable Construction cushion, $242, from Culow. 10 Zanotta clothes stand, $1,370, from Studio Italia.



2. Floral tribute 

Your home will blossom all year round with some simple flower power. Using flowers in a contemporary setting is about being bold. Choose accessories in large florals and vivid colours as an easy first step.

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 Moooi rug, $5,110, from ECC. 2 Moroso armchair, $POA, from Matisse.Cushion, $60, by Meandmytrend. 4 Bath robe, $80, by Wallace Cotton. 5 Fornasetti candle, $899, from Design 55. Angelo Cappellini armchair, $POA, from Sarsfield Brooke. Astier de Villatte platter, $350, from Corso de’ Fiori. 8 Cushion, $70, by MM Linen.


3. Neutral gear

Neutral is natural, so keep things simple with a back-to-nature base. Choosing different textures for light shades, cushions and throws will add depth to your neutral colour scheme.

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 Marac armchair and stool, $POA, from Sarsfield Brooke. Penta pendant light, $POA, from Sarsfield Brooke. European pillowcase, $20, by Wallace Cotton. 4 Bookcase, $2,495, by Republic. 5 Bean bag, $140, by MM Linen. 6 Armchair, $2,690, by Citta Design. David Trubridge light, $3,295, from Backhouse. 8 Tribu chair, $2,819, from Dawson & Co. 9 Dining chair, $845, by Douglas and Bec.


4. Jewel purpose 

Bring a touch of bling to your décor with these bright, rich hues in emerald, sapphire and ruby. Single pieces in a vibrant hue such as sapphire blue or ruby red give a welcome pop of colour. Opt for something small like a lamp or be bold and choose an armchair.

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 Armchair, $1,295, by Republic. 2 Chair, $3,100, by Lorenz & Z. &tradition vase, $1,500, from Dawson & Co. 4 Marac armchair, $POA, from Sarsfield Brooke. 5 Murano glass bowl, $90, from Mr Bigglesworthy. 6 Salam teapot, $180, from Corso de’ Fiori. Lamp, $850, by Mr Bigglesworthy. 8 Flex Form chaise lounge, from $7,900, from Studio Italia. 9 Cushion, $40, by Wallace Cotton. 10 Reflex table, $POA, from Sarsfield Brooke.



5. Heart of glass

From the pendant light to the table, glass will put a shine on your room. A colourful glass ornament on a clear coffee table will make a double statement, especially if the table stands on a rug that draws out the colours of the ornament.

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 Pendant light, $1,180, by Lukeke Design. Zanotta glass mirror, $4,900, from Studio Italia. Timothy Oulton pendant light, $1,039, from Dawson & Co. 4 Glass, $20, by May Time. Reflex table, $POA, from Sarsfield Brooke. Fiam coffee table, $POA, from Matisse. 7 Cabinet, $POA, from Design 55. Murano glass vase, $325, from Mr Bigglesworthy. Lyndsay Patterson platter, $385, from The Poi Room.


6. Think plastic

It’s fantastic – clean, simple and stylish – making it the go-to option for multiple spaces in your home. It’s fantastic – clean, simple and stylish – making it the go-to option for multiplespaces in your home.

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 Peignes light, $760, from DOMO. Midj stool, $POA, from Sarsfield Brooke. Vondom lamp, from $2,840, from UFL. 4 Kartell vase, $245, from Backhouse. Lee Broom side table, $POA, from ECC. 6 Calligaris stool, from $399, from Dawson & Co. Kartell diffuser, $389, from Corso de’ Fiori. 8 Zanotta table, $7,700, from Studio Italia. 9 Kartell chair, $603, from Backhouse.


7. Textured touch

Items that look good and feel even better will add that little extra to your room. Incorporating texture into your room will add visual weight as well. A fur throw, fringed cushion cover or carved table will draw guests’ attention.

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 Armchair, $2,295, by Republic. 2 Pendant light, $1,180, by Lukeke Design. 3 Table, $POA, from Studio Italia. 4 Penta light, $POA, from Sarsfield Brooke. Cushion, $65, by Citta Design. 6 Stool, $950, by French Country Collections. Rug, $POA, by Source Mondial. 8 Cushion, $69, by Meandmytrend. 9 L.I.M chandelier, $2,998, from Tessuti. 10 Sempre chair, $929, from Corso de’ Fiori. 11 Sofa, $POA, by UFL. 12 Chair, $1,800, by Lorenz & Z.

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