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Let us be your guiding light and create ambience in your home with the best table lamps available to shop now

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If overhead lighting commands attention, lamps are the gentler partners that bring calm to your home. Table lamps throw mood lighting while providing task lighting where needed.

Here at Your Home and Garden, we love a considered lighting scheme. We believe that how we use lighting in our homes deserves the same level of thought as colour or furniture.

Aside from a practical purpose, the right lighting choices make life easier and bring magic to a space, taking it from the ordinary to somewhere you want to relax in.

Table lamps are a simple, yet inexpensive, way to enhance a home. You can be as creative as you want, without the long-term investment that comes with pendants, wall or ceiling lights.

There are countless table lamps available on the market, from dimmable bedside lamps for evening reading to standout glass blocks that can illuminate your art and decor. Shop our current faves currently on the market below.

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1. Wave Bloc Lamp

$149.00 at Shop Your Home and Garden

Best for: Those who love a sculptural piece of art to highlight their decor 

Perfect for all design enthusiasts, the Wave Bloc lamp adds a sleek, modernist aesthetic to your living space. The glass block, which has been reclaimed from building waster, was originally made in Indonesia in the 1980s and revived as a wire-free sculptural piece that will fit seamlessly into any modern home.

Key features:

  • 5 colour lenses
  • Made to order
  • Wireless battery-powered design


2. Wanda Table Lamp

$249 at Freedom

Best for: Those who love the vintage look among contemporary homewares

As a modernised take on the vintage classic, the Wanda table lamp from Freedom would look as stunning on a bedside table as it would on top of a piano. Inspired by Nordic and Japanese decor, the cream pleated shade casts a soft glow, allowing the matte brushed base to shimmer.


3. Clam Shell Light

$29.99 at Typo

Best for: Children (and adults) who want to live like a Disney princess 

Add a hint of whimsey to your homewares with this darling clam shell light. With a soft light, this lamp creates a warm ambience in your space, either as a night light or mood lighting during a Disney marathon.


4. Tottenham Table Lamp

$119 at Freedom

Best for: Decor minimalists who prefer their lighting pure and simple 

Available in three colours – white, black and brass – the Tottenham table lamps range is timeless and elegant. Its sleek design would complement almost any space, from a bedside table to a console table. The best bit? The pendant shade can pivot to sit on an angle to highlight a signature piece of decor or maximise task lighting.

Key features:

  • Pivoting head function
  • LED bulb included


5. LED Mushroom Table Lamp

$49.45 at Amazon

Best for: Retro furniture enthusiasts influenced by Mad Men

A modernised take on the vintage classic, the mushroom-style lamp has been à la mode for a few years now, and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. This LED version will provide that orange glow reminscent of golden hour, creating soft shadows within your space.

Key features:

  • Takes LED bulb
  • Corded electric


6. Blake Lamp

$369.99 at A&C Homestore

Best for: Those looking to add a pop of red to their home

With an unexpected hexagonal base and shade, this table lamp speaks for itself. When turned on, this light transforms, emitting a warm, all-encompassing glow from top to bottom, immediately transforming any space. It’s soft, it’s sculptural, and it’s the perfect addition to your home decor.


7. Anita Table Lamp

$40.00 at Kmart

Best for: Those with a modern aesthetic looking for the perfect lamp to add to your reading nook

Perfect for illuminating any space with soft, low lighting, the Anita Table Lamp will add that cosy feeling to your space. With its minimalist white shade and brass-coloured base, this light will fit seamlessly into your modern space.


8. Linus Table Lamp

$159.00 at Nood

Best for: Modernist spaces with an edge 

This concrete base mixed with the beachy rattan shade adds a point of difference to the classic table lamp. It’s modern, but also relaxed, and will look right at home in a coastal abode as it would in an inner-city apartment.


Should table lamps all match in a room?

This is entirely up to you and your space. In a bedroom, it is lovely to have matching bedside table lamps if you’re going for a symmetrical look.

However, mixing and matching table lamp styles elsewhere around the home, particularly in the living and dining rooms, can allow you to have more fun with your lighting scheme. Do you want your light to be a main feature or complement your existing decor? Feel free to play with your table lamp options.

What to look for when buying a table lamp?

Before you make your purchase, consider the space your lamp will occupy. This will inform the size, style, functionality and brightness your table lamp would require. If you’re looking specifically for a desk lamp, an adjustable joint will be helpful to direct the light to your task at hand. On the other hand, a bedside lamp will need to fit on your side table, therefore consider a smaller base, and dimmable lighting if possible, to allow for optimum relaxation.

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