Why feather & down bedding is the key to a luxurious sleep

Sink into cloud-like comfort

You’ve probably heard that feather and down bedding offers an unrivalled level of comfort and luxury compared to their synthetic counterparts.

Leading bedding manufacturer Canadian Down & Feather Company has carved a niche for itself with its exceptional range of cosy duvets, luxurious pillows, comfy mattress toppers and quality cushions. 

There are many reasons to consider feather down bedding to invest in your sleep routine and transform your bed into a cloud-like haven. Even better, Canadian Down & Feather Company offers free shipping to New Zealand, making the premium bedding solution highly accessible. 

Whether you’re after a new pillow, duvet inner or mattress topper, read on for everything you need to know about feather, down and feather down blend bedding, including our top-rated products.  

What to look for when choosing the best feather and down pillows

850 Loft Hutterite Goose Down Pillow, $256 (usually $341), from Canadian Down & Feather Company (SHOP HERE). Best for: Sleepers who prefer a soft, sinky pillow. 

Feather and down pillows provide excellent support for your head and neck, creating a cushioning effect that adapts to your movements throughout the night. This ensures a more restful sleep and alleviates tossing and turning. 

Canadian Down & Feather Company offers a variety of pillows from feather, down, and feather down blends, all encased in a high cotton thread count. 

Even better, its feather down pillows are available in varying levels of firmness, including soft, medium and firm. 

For tailored advice on which pillow style and level of firmness to choose, consult the product description of each pillow on Canadian Down & Feather Company’s website. It will help you determine if the pillow you’re considering best suits your ideal sleeping position (front, back, or side) and the desired cushioning level (SHOP HERE).

How to select feather and down duvet inners

White Feather & Down Duvet Inner, $138 (usually $174), from Canadian Down & Feather Company (SHOP HERE). Best for: Warm sleepers who prefer a medium weight duvet. 

Boasting exceptional insulation and breathability, goose down duvet inners and feather down blend duvet inners prevent overheating when temperatures rise while trapping heat to keep you warm and cosy during colder nights. 

To enhance your sleep experience, Canadian Down & Feather Company offers a selection of duvet inners in a regular weight that are suited to moderate room temperatures (19 to 21 degrees Celsius) or if you’re prone to overheating. 

They also produce duvet inners in heavier, all-season weights for cooler room temperatures (16 to 18 degrees Celsius) or if you run cold (SHOP HERE).

What to look for when choosing a feather down mattress toppers

Down Perfect Feather Bed Mattress Topper, $211 (usually $263), from Canadian Down & Feather Company (SHOP HERE). Best for: Sleepers with a soft mattress who desire greater firmness and support. 

Is your mattress too soft, or are you desiring additional firmness and support without investing in a brand new mattress? If so, a feather down mattress topper is an excellent solution. 

We recommend Canadian Down and Feather Company’s feather down blend mattress topper. It combines the firmness of feathers with the softness of down, enhancing your bed’s plush, cosy feel (SHOP HERE).

What are the benefits of feather down bedding? 

There’s no denying the luxury and comfort that feather and down bedding adds to your bedroom compared to synthetic alternatives. 

Feather and down are excellent insulators that offer breathability, meaning you won’t overheat in summer but keep warm in winter. They’re also naturally hypoallergenic, making them suitable for those with sensitive skin or allergies. 

Lastly, with proper care, feather and down bedding will last for years, making these eco-friendly textiles a cost-effective choice in the long run. 

Is there a difference between feather and down bedding? 

Feather and down materials come from birds like duck and geese, but there are differences

Down refers to the soft, fluffy undercoating of feathers found on these birds. It is known for its superior insulation properties.  

Feathers are from the outer covering of birds. When incorporated into bedding, they offer firmness and support. 

Canadian Down & Feather Company offers a variety of feather, down and feather down blend bedding, catering to a vast range of sleep preferences. 

What about the difference between goose down and duck down? 

Goose down clusters are larger and have higher fill power than duck down clusters, making them warmer and more insulating. 

However, you should also consider the loft of your chosen bedding. The higher the loft, the better the quality. If goose and duck down bedding have the same measure of loft, they are of the same quality. 

Generally, duck down is less expensive than goose down, so it’s a more affordable way to invest in the luxurious bedding. 

What are the differences between feather and down bedding and their synthetic alternatives? 

Feather and down are lightweight and soft. They offer excellent insulation and mould to your body for a cosier sleeping environment. 

While synthetic fibres like polyester are designed to mimic the feel of down, they aren’t as warm or breathable. However, they are a great choice if you are allergic to feathers or down. 

Are feather and down bedding products ethical? 

Whether your feather or down bedding is ethical is dependent on responsible sourcing. It’s essential to look for products with third-party certifications that ensure animal welfare and traceability.

Canadian Down & Feather Company is committed to ethical sourcing. It’s regularly audited by IDFL Laboratory and Institute, a certified body for major textile standards. 

Canadian Down & Father Company holds IDFL’s Responsible Down Standard Certification. The majority of its products also adhere to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. This means that they do not include substances harmful or toxic to humans.

Ultimately, Canadian Down & Feather Company offers an extensive range of premium products that boast superior comfort, insulation and durability and can be tailored to your individual sleep preferences (SHOP HERE). 

To enjoy a luxuriously restful sleep, discover more at  

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