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Life looks rosy in this blush-toned city apartment

Life is looking rosy for an apartment-dwelling couple who have an eye for colour and design

Meet & greet
Chantal Assinck (location agency owner) and Tom Klomberg (HR consultancy owner).

Chantal Assinck and her partner Tom Klomberg live on the third floor of an apartment building located in the heart of a busy city situated near a picturesque, storied river.

After a nine-month period of travelling around the world, the couple moved from the metropolis to a different region because of the cheaper house prices, more living space and tranquility. Known for its parks and museums, the new location also has a nice city vibe.

Tipped off by a local real estate friend, from the outside the 58sqm apartment didn’t spark their enthusiasm at first, but after viewing they began to see the potential. Built in 1955, in a functionalist style, the building had been devastated by a fire in the ’90s, destroying all its original details. But from the ashes, it also created an opportunity to rebuild and modernise the apartment to the couple’s taste.

The apartment layout was redesigned and adapted to their needs. The most important change was the removal of the wall between the kitchen and living room to create one big space, bringing in daylight from both sides. The lowered ceilings were removed and central heating installed. A bathroom was created in a part of the original hall – and they wanted a bedroom with just enough space for their bed.

All the structural renovations were done by a contractor, but a lot of the finishing was done by Chantal and Tom. The talented pair created bespoke cabinets, furniture – and their pride and joy – the kitchen. For this they used the most budget-friendly wall tiles from a DIY store, plus the frame of an Ikea kitchen. The fronts of the doors were redone by an interior builder and have been made thicker.

Once the builder left, the couple focused on the finishing details, such as paint. Pink is the dominant colour, even the doors and the ceiling were painted in a rosy palette. This bold statement indicates how the residents live: audaciously – with an eclectic sense of style and love for modern art.

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