An Auckland home gets a generous black and white laundry

For this Auckland family, a large, functional laundry was essential for their home. We discover the process behind their monochromatic design


Meet and greet

Mark and Rebecca Davidson, Molly 7, and Harry, 4.

An Auckland home gets a generous black and white laundry

We wanted enough space so we could do anything laundry-related in the laundry instead of taking it around the house to sort and fold. I hate piles of washing in my living room! Being able to wash, dry, fold, hang, iron and store all in one laundry was key!


How long did the project take?
About four weeks

How did you decide on your colour palette and materials?
Our house has a very simple colour palette throughout: natural timber, black and white. Being a laundry, I kept the timber out of it and kept it fairly monochrome. Black geometric tiles are timeless and provide a nice contrast to the white bench and cabinets. At the last minute we decided to paint the back wall a subtle grey to break up the monochrome, which works in well with the concrete floor tiles.


Any tips?
I am finding the long bench space is amazing! I do all my folding and sorting there. And I have also got a hidden laundry basket in the cupboard next to the washing machine, which is great. At the end of the day everyone just puts their washing in the hidden basket. It keeps things tidy and means we don’t have to have laundry baskets in bedrooms.

What flooring did you choose?
A large-format, distressed, grey concrete tile, which is the same as those in our bathroom. I like its texture, it is easy to clean if it gets wet and is less slippery than timber flooring.

We chose a plain, white, engineered-stone top. We wanted something that could withstand some hard knocks if bleach or cleaning products got spilt on it.

Words by: Annick Larkin. Photography by: Emma MacDonald.

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