Why moving the kitchen was the best decision this homeowner made

Enlisting the help of a kitchen designer made all the difference for this family, who got their ideal bespoke space



Total spend


Time frame

3 months

What was wrong with your original kitchen?

Sarah Ashton: Our kitchen was very small and stuck at the end of the house. I had a water cylinder in the biggest cupboard so there was very little storage. One of the cupboards backed directly onto the outside so it was lovely in winter, with cold air pouring onto our legs!

What were your priorities for your new kitchen?

To bring in lots of light, open it up and make it much more functional.

Did you change anything about the layout?

I met with Annika from Rowson Kitchens, and as soon as she walked in she suggested we move the kitchen out of the corner and into the middle of the room. It was the best idea ever.

How did you manage your costs?

I worked closely with Annika to get exactly what we wanted at the right price.

What materials/finishes did you choose?

I’d always wanted Corian benchtops but couldn’t fit them into the budget. Then Annika gave me white laminate with a plywood clash and there was no going back.

Did you DIY or use tradies?

My husband, Heath, is a builder so he was able to do most of the work.

What do you like best about your new kitchen?

Instead of being stuck in a claustrophobic corner, it is light, bright and, most of all, functional. I love being in the kitchen cooking, so it’s lovely that I can be doing my thing while also spending time with my son, who can play dinosaurs on the same bench.

Key suppliers

Annika Rowson at Rowson Kitchens

Key tradies

Electrician: Ricky Fox at Surfside Electrical
Plumber: Mike Wimsett
Builder: Heath Ashton

Photography by: The Virtue.

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