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Christmas time at this Auckland villa is picture-perfect

This picture-perfect villa provides the ultimate location for Christmas celebrations with family and friends. Discover how to recreate this look at home

Christmas at this Auckland villa is picture-perfect

Christmas doesn’t have to break the bank, says Lauren, the stylist behind this home’s festive theme, not if you get creative. You can turn the simplest, cheapest materials into something spectacular.

How to get the festive look

– Paper is one of the most versatile materials and can be incredibly effective. “I made various snowflake designs with regular cartridge paper and silver wrapping paper from The $2 Shop simply by folding a square piece of paper into several triangles then cutting shapes into it,” says Lauren.

“You can find templates online. This is an effective way to fill a large area and they look amazing en masse. You can even try stringing up multiple snowflakes in front of a window or just from the ceiling in those areas that could use a hint of Christmas.”

– Add a festive touch to your large plastic lampshade with some paper doilies from any good $2 store, all you need is doilies and Blu Tack. Make sure the bulb is well away from the doilies.

– If you are looking to create some ambience but want something different try gluing cinnamon sticks around a glass tea-light holder. “I got mine from an Indian supermarket in the bulk bins. You will need to use good-quality craft glue and rubber bands to hold in place until they have dried. Not only do they look great they have an amazing cinnamon aroma!”

– “I created an unconventional Christmas tree with a large branch,” says Lauren. “This didn’t cost a cent. Find an old tree branch and adorn it with your favourite decorations. You don’t need many as in this case simple is best. You will need to weigh down the branch in a bucket with sand or something similar.”


Words by: Catherine Steel
Photography by: Todd Eyre
Styling by: Lauren Freeman

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