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Inside a chic apartment where playful touches meet sophisticated styling

This chic mum-of-two took from the colours and textures of her childhood to create an apartment home that fuses Scandi style with personal touches

Meet + greet

Margrete Berri, 33 (designer at Nué Group) with her husband and their two children.

Margrete’s style insights

  • The colours on the living room walls are something I often change – it reflects my mood. They have been all possible shades of blue and pink.
  • Often decor can become very adult but I think it’s nice to allow some room for play and humour in interior design. I like to include slightly quirky elements such as our Vertigo pendant, which is totally over the top and reminiscent of a big hat (in fact, we use the same word for ‘lamp’ as we do for ‘hat’ in Denmark). Lights like this give an Alice in Wonderland feeling that I love.
  • The best thing of all is when our guests say that our house has such a homely feeling – then I feel good, knowing that we have set up a home where you can relax.


Get the look

To emulate Margrete’s interior decorating style, try these ideas:

  • Choose a room you love, but don’t always spend time in, as your experimentation area. Regularly try out new paint colours and effects in there, and rearrange the furniture as often as you like. Use your favourite combinations elsewhere around your home.
  • Think of a texture, colour palette or shape from your past that makes you feel good and place it somewhere special to remind you of happy times.
  • Display fresh flowers and foliage throughout your home and forage interesting greenery from your neighbourhood to add colour and variety to your interior.

See more of the Copenhagen home below

Photography by: Anitta Behrendt.

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