Bathroom profile: Clean contours

Article by Simply You

Clean contours and bold shapes characterise modern bathroom design.

Bathroom report: Modern

Choose a back-to-wall toilet and wall-hung vanities for uninterrupted lines. Simple colour schemes work best in minimalist bathrooms with sparse furnishings.

Using white gloss tiles and mirrors in smaller rooms will help reflect light and create the illusion of space, while carefully placed power points inside cabinets will keep electricals handy but out of sight.
Bathroom report: Modern

Don’t be afraid to introduce warmth with accessories in natural materials, such as a cedar slat board on the shower floor, for a bathroom that exudes contemporary cool.

Bathroom report: Modern

Expert advice: “Consider your current plumbing layout and whether you are prepared to pay to have it moved to have the bathroom furniture you really want,” says Sophia Currie of bathroom specialist Kohler New Zealand. “Break up monochromatic bathrooms with well chosen coloured accessories and towels. Grey is making a comeback as an accent colour.”

Writer: Louise Horne
Photography: Heyes Johnson, Maree Homer/

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