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3 ways to make your pantry the most organised space in your home

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A busy space like your pantry is a magnet for clutter and chaos. Follow these expert ideas and turn your pantry into an organised dream

Ultra-organised pantries have been gaining popularity recently and for good reason. A well-organised space not only looks good but it functions better too. You’ll save time and effort unpacking your groceries and you’ll never have to rustle around looking for things ever again.

Being a high traffic area, your pantry will need thoughtful planning to stay clean and clutter-free. Here are three fail-safe ways to give your pantry a pro-organiser-level makeover.

1. Decant and label

Give your pantry a seamless, uniform look by decanting items into matching containers. Storing things like pasta, grains and flour in airtight containers will keep them fresh and, most importantly, will make them functional.

Labeling is a must if you’re decanting items into jars and containers. These little labels will help you to see exactly what you have at a glance and will make you feel like a professional organiser. Remember to add a sticker with the use-by date to the bottom of your containers so you can keep track of how fresh everything is.

2. Choose an in-built pantry system

Just like a modular wardrobe, a built-in pantry system can be a game-changer for cutting clutter and keeping things organised. Every household is different so investing in an in-built pantry system is smart way to tailor your storage to your needs. The SPACE TOWER by Blum is a fully customisable pantry system with five drawers that pull out for easy access. The pull-outs in this clever cabinet can be customised by height and allow you to maximise the full depth of your pantry. The high sides also make it safe to stack items so you can fit more into a smaller space.

3. Organise by frequency of use

The whole point of having a beautifully organised pantry is for it to be practical. The best way to achieve a functional space is to store the items you use regularly within easy reach. Start by grouping things like your baking supplies, spreads and snacks together. Then create ‘zones’ in your drawers like the breakfast zone, snack zone and treats zone.

Remember where you place these zones should be dictated by how often you use them. For example, the treats zone might be stored out of direct line of sight, whereas the breakfast zone is stored at the front. By giving all of your items a specific home you’ll be more likely to keep your pantry orderly and uncluttered.

Pro tip

For the ultimate organised space, Blum’s SPACE TOWER can be cohesively matched to the other soft-close drawers in your kitchen – LEGRABOX and TANDEMBOX. LEGRABOX free drawers with glass is a smart way to get extra visibility of what you have stored in each pantry pull-out.

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