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3 simple ways to style your bed linen like an interior pro

Article by Homes to Love

These three simple ideas will help you give your bed a magazine-worthy makeover. Here’s how to style the ultimate space with Your Home and Garden bedlinen, available exclusively at Farmers

The quickest and easiest way to give your bedroom a refresh is to switch up your bed linen. Whether you’re looking for a style to see you through the year or you want something new this season, a fresh set of sheets can turn your bed into the ultimate style statement. Here’s how to throw together a look that will transform your bedroom.


 1. Mix and match colour

Forget matchy-matchy sheet sets, this year we’re loving clashing patterns and contrasting colours. Experimenting with unexpected combinations is a fun and easy way to add some punchy-style to your bedroom. Try rich clay with soft greens or saffron yellow with sapphire blue. We also love tonal pairing, which is a subtle way to mix colour together, think: rust and terracotta with earthy pinks.

Graphic prints and painterly florals are popular patterns that have made their way onto duvets and euro pillows. Farmers home buyer West Senior says that the trend for patterns right now is inspired by the outdoors. “There are earthy tones, and textures and patterns that talk to the idea of getting back to nature, like foliage and safari animals.”


2. Use texture

Nothing makes a bed feel cosy and comfortable quite like texture. Besides the trusty throw-draped-at-the-bottom-of-the-bed look, there are a few interesting ways to use texture that will help to lift your bedroom style. We love the retro vibes of tufted bedspreads paired alongside cushions with tassels.

Dress your bed with a jewel-toned velvet quilt for an ultra-luxe feel. Or, use a velvet cushion for a hint of plush style. Subtle touches of texture like embroidery and fringing will also make your bed feel like it’s had an expert touch.


3. Layer

From colours and textures to cushions and accessories, layering is the key to nailing your overall bedroom look. When layering, remember that balance is key. Use a range of heights, different fabrics and contrasting colours. Pillows are a simple way to give your bedroom a refresh and are easy to layer with. By mixing oversized euros with your regular pillows and smaller cushions you can instantly throw together a thoughtful look.


To help take the guesswork out of pairing colours and patterns together, the Your Home and Garden range offers a range of style that are designed to be mix and matched. Their Evergreen Stonewashed sheets work as a block colour that pairs perfectly with a patterned pillow and simple euro.

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