How to ensure your child’s bedroom style is future-proof

In this installment of our renovation series, we take a look a children’s rooms and how to ensure they’re functional and future-proofed


How to ensure your child’s bedroom style is future-proof

If you have children, you want a room that will suit them now as well as in the future. But don’t think that you need to set them up for teenage-hood when they’re only five – let them change some aspects of their room as they need to.

For example, in the early years they’ll likely need easily accessible storage for toys and books. Later on, they won’t need so much toy storage but they will need a desk for homework. Or a chair for quiet reading. Don’t think you have to give them everything they need right now.



Beds are one thing you want to future proof, so get the best one you can – and go king single if possible, to prepare for a teen with long limbs. Bunk beds are great, especially if you have two kids sharing one room or a lot of sleepovers. It may be worth it to get one custom-made, so you can add as much storage as possible, with shelving in the bedhead and drawers behind the ladder stairs. A trundler bed is another good option.

Storage, storage, storage

Have shelves on an otherwise-empty wall. Fill the empty space under the bed with drawers. You can get some pretty decent wardrobe systems from Mitre 10 and Bunnings these days. They double the amount you can fit in the wardrobe by utilising every bit of the space, as well as making it easy for kids to reach their clothes with rails hung at half height.

Kids’ room renovation checklist:

Space planning
✔ Lighting plan
✔ Wardrobe
✔ Windows
✔ Flooring
✔ Cabinetry and storage

Words by: Debbie Harrison and Lizzi Hines of Spaceworks and Room by Room. Photography by: Todd Eyre.

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