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These expert tips will ensure your Valentine’s roses last longer

Article by Homes to Love

If you’re gifting roses this Valentine’s, or perhaps are the lucky recipient, here’s how to make sure they sit pretty in their vase for as long as possible

How to make roses last longer

Rebecca Jones from Feel Good With Flowers says, if cared for properly, your roses should last anywhere from seven to 10 days. Here she shares her tips on how to give them the best care for maximum enjoyment:

1. Buy local

Quite often imported roses are maxed out by the time they get to the consumer, meaning they’re already about three weeks old and will have a shorter lifespan. Buy locally grown roses from local florists to make sure they are the freshest they can be. Ask your florist about the supply chain for clarification on where your roses have come from.

How to make roses last longer

2. Get them out of the heat

Don’t leave roses sitting in hot cars or a very hot room as they’ll begin to wilt. Once they’re in their vase, don’t leave roses in the sun or hot places around the house.

3. Bleach your vase

Bacteria multiples very quickly in the warmer months. So, before you put your roses or water inside your vase make sure you give it a clean with some bleach (even if it looks clean already).

4. Re-cut the stems

Before you place your roses in the vase, re-cut the stems on an angle for ultimate water absorption.

How to make roses last longer

5. Flower food

Ask your florist for some flower food to add to your vase of roses, this will give the flowers the nourishment they need, and help them live longer.

6. Change the water

Roses need a lot of hydration, so you’ll need to change the water every two days.

How to make roses last longer

7. Regularly re-cut

Strip off loose foliage so that it doesn’t sit in the water (as it will increase bacteria production in your water and shorten the life of your rose). Regularly re-cut the stems each time you change the water (every two days).

8. Avoid fruit bowls

Don’t place your roses by any fruit bowls as the ripening fruit emit ethylene, which will cause the flowers to age more rapidly, making them more susceptible to wilting and withering before their time.

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