The Block NZ: Week six living room reveal

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Dinner wars, secret alliances and a living room reveal kept the teams busy on The Block NZ this week. We check out their final designs 


The Block NZ: Week six living room reveal

It was a week of living rooms, dinner wars, sneaky spying and secret alliances on The Block NZ. After completing their kitchen and dining last week, the teams were given a brief to finish their open plan living room with two on trend textures and a customised feature.

Andy and Nate tried to create continuity by threading colours and textures from their master bedroom and hallway through into the lounge. Unfortunately the judges were not impressed and thought the overall look felt too industrial, with Jason scoffing at the TV cabinet calling it a “cheap coffin.”

The judges did like Andy and Nate’s wall planter and custom feature panelling, however, and thought it really helped to soften the room. They also thought plush carpet was great for a family living space.

Despite a dwindling budget and a broken toe from dinner wars, nothing could slow down Julia and Ali who were still riding on a high after winning last week’s kitchen and dining room reveal. The judges thought their living room was comfortable and coordinated but Jason thought it was “screaming out for some depth.”

Jason warned the twins against painting their walls beige but they confidentially went ahead anyway. “There’s a reason lots of people paint their walls beige, Jason,” Julia brashly rebutted, “It’s because it works.” Sadly the judges didn’t think so.

Resident larrikins Ling and Zing surprised the judges this week with a cohesive, harmonious living room. The judges thought the way the brothers had oriented their furniture created a really engaging space and they were especially impressed with the LED lighting in the ceiling.

The judges also noted Ling and Zing’s styling efforts have grown in leaps and bounds, which could be thanks to the expert advice they slyly coaxed out of Challenge Host Shelley Ferguson. Although their custom feature left a lot to be desired, Ling and Zing finally won their first room reveal challenge.

The stress of dinner wars, budgets and being away from loved ones led Stace and Yanita to feel a bit overwhelmed this week. Sadly, things didn’t get much better come room reveal time. The awkward layout of the furniture and their “cheap and homemade looking” side table resulted in the besties receiving the lowest score and scathing comments from the judges.

Take a tour through the room reveals below and see who you think was the winner. Was Ling and Zing’s the best room?


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