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The Block NZ winners Lisa and Ribz tell us what it’s like to be on the show

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After Sunday night’s emotional finale, the winners of The Block NZ 2019, Lisa and Ribz, sat down with us to talk about what it’s really like to be on the show, what they’d say to the judges now and their plans for the future

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Sunday night’s live finale delivered the worst result in The Block NZ history with only one team making money and two apartments failing to sell at auction.

Lisa and Ribz sold their apartment for $1.34 million, making a profit of $50,000 and securing them the win. Ethan and Sam’s apartment sold for the reserve, $1.39 million, meaning the lads walked away with nothing. Stacy and Adam’s apartment was passed in on Sunday night but has now sold for its reserve price of $1.48 million, and Sophia and Mikaere’s penthouse remains unsold.

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However, since Sunday’s shock results, TSB bank has announced it will give $10,000 to each of the losing teams.

In a post on Instagram, Stacy said, “we couldn’t be more thankful to have made such great relationships with this year’s sponsors… Adam and I are truly thankful.”

So, after an emotional night, Lisa and Ribz sat down with us to talk about what they plan to do with their $150,000 winnings.

Lisa and Ribz The Block NZ

“A bathroom reno… and definitely taking our kids on holiday,” said Lisa. “Hopefully that will make up for the time we spent away from them.”

When asked what their kids thought about them being on The Block NZ this year, Ribz said, “they didn’t actually watch it.”

“When someone asked our son what he thought, he said, ‘The Block has ruined my life’,” said Lisa. “Because we were away from him for so long.”

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Team yellow weren’t favourites to win The Block NZ having copped a lot of criticism from the judges on their bold styling. But Lisa puts the win down to “having the best chance” thanks to their low reserve and only borrowing $5,000 from ‘The Bank of Mark’.

And what’s next for Lisa and Ribz? “I’d love to be on Dancing With The Stars,” said Lisa. Watch this space.

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