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Meet The Block NZ 2019 contestants Sophia and Mikaere

Article by Homes to Love

Husband and wife duo Sophia and Mikaere promise to be the “arty duo” this year. Will their creative skills be enough to go the distance?

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Turangi husband and wife duo Sophia, 31, and Mikaere, 32, (Ngati Tuwharetoa and Ngai Te Rangi) met at university 12 years ago and have been together ever since.

Team blue promises to be the “arty duo” this year. Chef Sophia loves to illustrate, sew and garden. Mikaere is an award-winning artist and teaches at a total immersion secondary school teaching Art, English, Te Reo and Science – all except English are taught in Maori.

Competitive and organised, Sophia and Mikaere say their biggest challenge will actually be being away from family.

Week 2: Kids bedroom

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Team blue chose to create a sophisticated nursery for kid’s bedroom week.  With a longer goal to turn the nursery into a guest bedroom, Sophia and Mikaere focussed on dressing the room.

Although they didn’t win over Jason Bonham and Lizzi Whaley with their elegant room, the judges couldn’t deny the styling was on point.

Room score: 13/20 (Jason: 6, Lizzi:7)
Total spend: $10,586

Week 1: Guest bedroom

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Team blue knocked it out of the park in the first week. Their moody, sophisticated guest bedroom impressed the judges with its level of maturity and attention to detail. Unafraid to go bold,  they choose a deep blue-green for the wall colour and gave the heritage of the building a nod with panelling on the wall.

Room score: 15/20 (Jason: 8, Lizzi:7)
Total spend: $14,912



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