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Chlo and Em channelled a Morrocan theme for their house on The Block NZ. See the complete home below

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See inside all of Chlo and Em’s house on The Block NZ

Queens of second place, team purple Chlo and Em delivered wit, charm and some of the best moments on The Block NZ this season. Their blocked-pipe drama, a love affair with all The Block boys, the fishing calendar photos and a memorable circus performance at Block Stars won them the hearts of the viewers, but not the points at room reveal time.

Even though they didn’t come away with any room wins, their Morrocan inspired home didn’t fail to impress the judges. Their penchant for styling came out in week one with their “peacock blue” themed guest bedroom and only continued to improve from then on.

But the judges didn’t always agree when it came to Chlo and Em’s “cute and quirky” rooms. Their style often polarising judge Jason Bonham, but thrilling Kristina Rapley, was most evident in living room week when their ‘Rice Cake’ coloured walls, thin open shelves and colourful art received a 7.5 from Rapley but only a 4 from Bonham.

Colour indecision plagued the girls the most and sometimes cost them the room win. Only one point behind Amy and Stu in the master bedroom and ensuite week, they couldn’t help but think whether they might have taken out the win if only they’d followed their gut and put some colour on their ensuite wall.

See their complete house below:


Words: Bea Taylor


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