The secret solution to keeping your couch stain-free

Article by Homes to Love

Easy to clean, pet-friendly and durable, here’s why the FibreGuard Stain Resistant Fabric is just what you need in your house if you lead a busy life

The worst thing about buying a new couch is never feeling relaxed around it when that clumsy friend sits down with the generous glass of red wine, or your dog wanders in after treading across the muddy backyard.

The horror of seeing a ketchup stain on a new white lounger is something Zepel Fabrics are hoping to erase entirely with their FibreGuard Stain Resistant Technology. Here are three reasons why it should be your next choice for your couch:

1. Easy to clean

Whether it’s a ballpoint pen scribble, spilt coffee or red wine, smeared mud or drips of tomato sauce, stains are easy to remove from the FibreGuard material using mostly water and a blotting technique. Stubborn stains may require a small amount of household soap and gentle circular strokes with a microfibre cloth.

2. Durable

The last thing you want to happen when you clean up a stain is for the material to wear down straight away. FibreGuard fabrics surpass tough quality and durability tests, as well as rigorous washability and cleanability testing to ensure they withstand everyday stains and use.

Unlike other stain-resistant fabrics that use topical, temporary treatments, FibeGuard applies a protective coat during the yarn and weaving process to help build a stronger stain barrier. Therefore, when an area of FibreGuard fabric has been stained previously and is stained again, it is just as easy to remove blemishes. Washing the fabric will also not change the stain-resistant properties.

3. Style conscious 

If a white couch has been the finishing touch your living room needs, but you’ve held back in fear of attracting too many stains, now’s your chance to go all-out. FibreGuard fabrics come in a wide variety of colours, styles and designs to suit any upholstering project.

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