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Your Home and Garden art director Tanya Wong’s favourite things

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From pretty honey pots to organic cotton bedding, Your Home and Garden art director Tanya Wong shares her design discoveries

Tanya Wong

Friday Faves

If you haven’t had time to head to the shops recently, don’t worry, because we’ve gone for you! Here’s what Your Home and Garden art director Tanya Wong is currently lusting after:

1. Anemoes
My current favourite from the floral world is anemones. Their petals and colours remind me of watercolours. I especially love the dark inky blue centres with off white petals. What a dream combo!
Image via Instagram/@thebotanist

2. Fat Tulip chair 
This chair is hard not to love – the blush pink colour, soft lines, compact shape, and most of all, the name – ‘Fat Tulip’.

3. Lumojo honey pots
I’m a sucker for beautiful packaging. Lumojo honey pots are handcrafted and encase different types of delicious New Zealand-made honey. Mmm.

4. Organic cotton bedding
Penney + Bennett design and create stunning textiles for the home. Their new 100 percent organic cotton bedroom pieces don’t disappoint (available from 12 September).

5. Chinese money plants
I recently discovered the existence of this awesome wee plant. Its official name, which I can’t even pronounce – Pilea Peperomioides -is otherwise known as the Chinese Money Plant. Something about the shape of the leaves makes me smile.
Image via pinterest

Tanya Wong

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