30 times an indoor plant added magic to an interior

Article by Homes to Love

We love a good indoor plant here at Homes to Love. Here’s 30 times an indoor plant added that extra magic to an interior

Top 10 plants for growing indoors

1. Spider plant
2. Aspidistra
3. Peace lily
4. Rubber plant (Ficus elastica)
5. Weeping fig (ficus benjamina)
6. Parlour palm (or try a kentia)
7. Dracaena marginata
8. Mother-in-law’s tongue
9. Devil’s ivy
10. Donkey’s tail

Photography by: Helen Bankers, Daniel Allen, Wendy Fenwick, Vanessa and Michael Lewis, Maree Homer, Hollow Creative, Jackie Meiring, Flash Studios, Angela Keoghan, Kate Claridge, Emma MacDonald, Emily Andrews,  Larnie Nicolson, Guy Frederick, Alice Veysey /

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