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How to create a magical ladder Christmas tree from items in your home

Everyone has a spare ladder hanging out in the garage. Drag it out, it has a Christmas role to play this year. Erena Te Paa shows us how

A wooden ladder is the perfect fit for this minimalist, handcrafted look. Make sure it has rungs on both sides.

Fasten fishing wire to your chosen baubles and tie to every rung. Use as many ornaments as you like, or are able to fit in the colours and shapes of your choosing.

Erena’s tree is comprised of clear fillable baubles containing dried foliage that were repurposed from last year’s tree, plus some green and silver balls that were mixed in and added for extra colour.

For a natural, handmade look, Erena added some small dried wattle posies to the design.

A star was put at the top of the ladder and a final dried foliage flourish was added to the apex. Finish the ladder tree by wrapping copper fairy lights around the ladder’s frame.

Photography by: Frazer Findlater

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