Kitchen profile: Statement hues

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Vibrant colours
Tired of the all-white kitchen trend? Well, this season bold colours are making a comeback. Inspiration comes from Morocco and the Middle East with rich tones – such as ochre, red and royal blue – and a mix of matte and gloss finishes injecting new life into kitchens of any size.

Expert advice: If you want to inject some colour without replacing your entire kitchen, opt for a bright new glass or tile splashback.

Kitchen inspiration

Dark kitchen cabinetry exudes luxury



Go black
Make a dramatic statement by opting for bold black and give your kitchen a sleek, fashionable edge. If all-out black is a step too far for your space, use accents of this dark hue in your cabinetry, countertops or taps.

Expert advice: Counter the light-absorbing effect of black with plenty of natural light from skylights, sliding doors and windows.


Writer: Trudi Brewer
Photography: Sharyn Cairns/Michael Wee /Nick Watt/Maree Homer/

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