How to make the perfect small kitchen

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A pantry with internal soft-closing drawers is the stuff of dreams. For example, the above SPACE TOWER pantry by Blum NZ which can be customised to suit the available space or the individuals storage requirements.


  1. Dispense with cupboards. A kitchen made of drawers is a beautiful, practical thing; a pantry with internal soft-closing drawers is the stuff of dreams.
  2. Use clean fittings and a simple material palette, and if you can afford it invest in integrated rangehood and fridge to reduce visual clutter.
  3. Go high: turn every bit of space into storage and build cabinetry as close to the ceiling as possible.
  4. Be prepared: measure the volume of the new kitchen versus the old and allocate drawers to specific functions.
  5. Make it flow. There are various theories on how to lay out your kitchen – creating a triangle between the sink, stove and fridge, for example – but make it work for you.


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