How to build the perfect studio

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With ANZ, Homes to Love is exploring the ways we live now, under the theme of ‘Flexible Spaces’ – and how this trend allows us to live and build today.

backyard studio

The McKinney house. The studio has given the family much needed extra space, in a separate building from the main house. Importantly the two structures are tied together via poured concrete stairs.


  1. Think about what you already have: can you convert part or all of that garage into a studio rather than building new?
  2. Site it far enough from the house that it has its own space, but close enough that there is a connection between the two buildings.
  3. Repeat design elements from the main house – rooflines, window treatments, material and colour palettes – so that the two buildings have a connection.
  4. Plan ahead. Think about future uses (teenagers’ music room, home office or a home for elderly parents) and make provision for them.
  5. Don’t skimp: make sure it has the same quality fittings as the main house.


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