Alex Walls creates a neutral nursery inspired by the galaxy

Alex Walls shows us how to combine deep hues, soft furnishings and a dash of the Milk Way to create the perfect base for a gender neutral bedroom


Alex Walls creates a neutral nursery inspired by the galaxy

As baby Austen gets bigger and a lot more mobile, we have started to contemplate the next phase for his bedroom. He now enjoys sitting and playing in and around his bed, so giving him the ability to climb in and out by himself has become important. Most of all, we want to create a room that he will choose to spend time in and where he can play safely by himself.


This got me thinking about designs for kids’ rooms and I dreamed up this ‘starry night’ scheme as a result. It features a beautiful dark wall which is lit up with a soft grey carpet and cot.

The initial inspiration for this room came from the fact that I’d originally hoped for a baby girl, so I’ve channelled all those baby-girl hopes and dreams into this room reveal by indulging in sheepskin and muslins in dusky pink along with a favourite soft toy of mine, Tina Ballerina.


However, the look was further developed once I’d set eyes on the enchanting Kip & Co ‘Starry Night’ bedding which I’ve used here.

Having a cot with removable sides is great for babies who are ready to hop in and out of bed on their own, as they can entertain themselves before and after sleep – if you can teach them to stay put, that is!


The other great thing about this room is that navy and grey is a gender-neutral palette. All you need to do is take out the pink accents from this look and you have a design that would be perfect for either a boy or a girl.

Get the look

+ Wall painted in Dulux ‘Ohaupo’.
+ Bremworth Collection Lisburn carpet in Damask, $119 a square metre, from Flooring Xtra.
+ Wall hanging, $139.99, from ORE Design.
+ Teeny cot in dove grey, $999.99, from Shut The Front Door.
+ Velvet bed quilt, $179.99, from Citta.
+ Ziggy bear, $49.90, from Citta.
+ Effie the elephant, $39.90, from Citta.
+ Aspen chair, $490, from Citta.
+ Round crochet basket, $69.90, from Citta.
+ Shoes, $69.95, from Pretty Brave.
+ Starry Night cot sheet, $54.99, from Alex & Corban.
+ Starry Night quilt (on floor), $119.99, from Alex & Corban.
+ Starry Night muslin, $69.99 set of two (in basket), from Alex & Corban.
+ Velvet pea cushion, $89.99, from Alex & Corban.
+ Tina Ballerina toy, $34.99, from Alex & Corban.
+ Pink muslin wrap, $59.99 set of two, from Alex & Corban.
+ Dove sheepskin, $259, from Alex & Corban.
+ Austin floor lamp, $319.99, from Alex & Corban.

Styling by: Alex Walls. Photography by: Bayly & Moore.

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