5 simple ways to add personality to a white kitchen

White is undeniably the safe option when it comes to kitchens, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Try our top tips for a crisp kitchen


5 simple ways to add personality to a white kitchen

White is a popular choice when it comes to selecting colours for kitchens. It’s crisp, light and gives the feeling of cleanliness, which is desirable in your food prep and storage areas. The kitchen is also an expensive room that you don’t want to be renovating again any time soon, and white is a safe and timeless option.

But how do you give your pearly bright kitchen a bit of personality so it doesn’t seem bland? I know a lovely couple who have just renovated their kitchen. It used to be a poky room tucked away in the corner of the house, but they knocked down a wall to create a light galley kitchen with a beautiful porcelain benchtop and white tiling.

I borrowed their kitchen for a day to illustrate how to style this area with a bit of personality without creating clutter or affecting its functionality. These are my top tips on how to add spice to your gorgeous white kitchen:


1. Bring in colour

Adding a little colour is easy and can have a lot of impact. Colourful cookbooks, storage canisters or vases are inexpensive ways to brighten your kitchen.

2. Tools of the trade

Carefully arrange a few cooking utensils, grinders, spices, attractive small bowls and anything else you love to use while cooking, on a platter or tray close to your stovetop.

3. Add texture

Use textured or patterned tiles on splashbacks to break up the large areas of white. Different textures catch the eye and add interest, even if they’re all in various shades of white. Experiment with tone and texture and have fun with it.


4. Fruit and flowers

There’s no need to go over the top with an enormous basket of fruit, but a few pieces on the counter in a small bowl or plate, and fresh green leaves or flowers in a vase, go a long way.

5. Colour coordinate

Invest in some serveware and cookware in complementary shades. Although these items might not always be on display, you’ll be glad you thought ahead when that dinner party comes around!

Words by: Alex Walls. Photography by: Sophia Bayly.

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