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This subtle paint palette will give you the confidence to add colour to your home

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Dulux’s summer palette is filled with gentle, nurturing colours that even the colour-phobes will want to give a go

Dulux Wholeself palette, neutral coloured living room

This subtle paint palette will give you the confidence to add colour to your home

There’s a no-mans land in the colour world. It’s here you’ll find those who can’t stand the idea of opting for all-white, but also can’t bring themselves to paint every wall in their house a bright shade of blue, orange or pink.

Dulux’s summer palette, Wholeself, is filled with the hues those in no-mans land need; soft, understated colours that can work as neutrals or can be brought to the forefront as a feature, including powdery pinks and warm neutrals, muted citrus and minty blue-greens.

Subtle paint palette, Dulux Muriwai

With soft-minimalism stepping up to the forefront, nurturing colours, contrasting textures and dustings of mint and citrus step into the limelight. It all springs from the wellness trend, which has seen the focus in design shift towards creating a calming, reflective interior that allows us to block out the visual noise and turn our attention to self-care. Dulux Colour Expert Davina Harper says, “wellness has emerged as a major theme in the design world for 2019, with many of us looking to switch off our digital devices and focus on nurturing our tired bodies and spirit.”

“The Wholeself palette is all about slowing down and tuning into the things that really matter,” she says. “It has a serene, yet cocooning feel. The understated colours combined with natural textures will draw you inward and encourage moments of stillness and mindfulness.”

From top: Dulux Muriwai; Dulux Hopelands.

How do I choose colour combos?

Rules are made to be broken; white and beige aren’t the only ‘neutral’ choices anymore. Harper suggests powdery pink and peach have emerged as key base colours, which really shine when paired with accents of clay, gold and blue-green to add a fresh, modern spirit to a space.

From top: Dulux Titahi Bay, Dulux Baylys Beach, Dulux Cavelli Islands, Dulux Benham, Dulux Wainui Beach.

It’s easy to bring sophistication back into a pastel based palette with a touch of black or charcoal. For a neutral look, that’s slightly edgy, try Dulux Cardrona, Dulux Silver Thaw and Dulux Rawene.

From top: Dulux Cardrona, Dulux Silver Thaw, Dulux Rawene.

A complementary colour scheme is made up of colours that are the exact opposites of each other on the colour wheel. But don’t think this means using a bright yellow and a bright blue in your living room. Take muted forms of these colours; Dulux Muriwai and Dulux Wainui Beach and pair with white to create a complementary colour scheme that has a neutral vibe.

From top: Dulux Wainui Beach; Dulux Muriwai.

A monochromatic, or tonal, scheme is derived from a single base hue. The other colours in the combo are different shades, tones and tints of this base colour. It creates a restful and relaxing scheme, which is perfect for a bedroom. Try a combo such as Dulux Shetland Lace Half, Dulux Titahi Bay and Dulux Hopelands to create a simple yet sophisticated room.  

From left: Dulux Shetland Lace Half, Dulux Titahi Bay, Dulux Hopelands.

Summer styling tips:

  • It’s important to think about how colours can work with your existing furniture, says Harper. “You should also factor in the room type and any colours in the adjoining spaces.”
  • Even if you’re not colour-crazy, remember to inject small doses of unexpected brights, such as citrus, mint and gold, through accessories such as vases and tableware.
  • Embrace the wellness trend and edit out the unnecessary items in your home. Surround yourself with pieces you truly love and use.
  • “Curves are key,” says Harper. Choose furniture with rounded edges and soft, sumptuous cushioning.
  • Balance out soft pastels with warm, mid-tone timbers and add in natural materials, such as stone, wool and linen.

The great thing about colour is how quickly and easily it can transform a space. Whether you choose to paint an entire room in this season’s hues or add smaller accents, watch the space come to life,” Davina says.

“And if you tire of the look some time down the track, you can simply paint over it,”

Words by: Bea Taylor. Photos by: Lisa Cohen. Styling by: Bree Leech.

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