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The expert guide to creating bathroom storage

We asked the experts for their reno-free tricks to stash our bathroom stuff

Is your lippy collection littering the window ledge? Leaning tower of toilet paper forming an unsightly centrepiece? From bath toys to bog rolls, we expect our bathrooms to work incredibly hard in the storage department – but many of them fall woefully short.

Without knocking through into a neighbouring room, how can we overcome the logistical problem of a bathroom sans storage?

First up, declutter

Bathrooms tend to make hoarders out of the best of us, so it’s time to bid those make-up samples and hotel shampoos goodbye. Sort through medicines as well – anything unwanted or expired can be taken back to your local pharmacy for responsible disposal. Take the opportunity to assess what needs to remain in the bathroom and what can be stored elsewhere – first aid might be better in the pantry, and haircare products in the bedroom if that’s where you blow dry.

When you put everything back, be smart and organised. “This is where baskets make the interior of cupboards and drawers work better for you,” says interior designer Nicola Ross. “It’s worth getting the same anti-slip matting we use for kitchens to line drawers and shelves to help with any spills and make cleaning easy,” she adds.

Wall-mounted shelves and cabinets make sense in a small space.

Add easy fixes

“Adding additional storage using wall space is a great way to give more space for everyday items,” says Nicola. Look for unused wall space that could be put to better use with floating shelves – for example, over the loo, above the towel rails or at the end of the bath (taking care that no one will hit their head and that your shelves aren’t in the firing line of shower spray). Keep open shelves looking tidy by using pretty baskets to corral small items.

Wall-mounted tower cabinets can often be found in narrow dimensions to fit in awkward spaces and are great for storage without visual clutter. “I prefer options that are off the floor because it just makes cleaning easier,” Nicola adds. Think outside the bathroom showroom, too. If it suits the style of your room, a vintage chest of drawers or display unit could solve your storage woes while adding warmth and charm to a sterile space.

Replacement parts

If upgrading to a new and improved vanity is possible, choose wisely. Drawers tend to store more than cabinets and keep everything more easily accessible. “If your bathroom is on the smaller side, wall-hung cabinetry makes the room feel bigger, but it can mean less storage. You can get great options for wall-hung vanities that have two deep drawers and are higher than usual – this gives double the storage space, which is a win,” says Nicola.

If storage is at a premium, ditch the plain mirror in favour of a mirrored cabinet. “Ideally these are recessed into the stud but they can be fitted to the exterior of the wall,” says Nicola, whose favourites are the Dante cabinets from St Michel for their multiple widths and depths, and The Custom Creative’s on-trend arched mirror cabinets.

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