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Personalise your own storage baskets

Create storage baskets to match you own style and colour scheme

colourful storage boxes, create your own, DIY


  • Straw (or similar) baskets
  • Paint testpots (thick house paint works best)
  • Sturdy paint brushes
  • Chalk
  • Drop cloth

colourful storage boxes, create your own, DIY

  1. Check the area of the baskets you wish to paint for any loose threads or unwoven pieces of straw.
  2. Using chalk, map out a pattern on the basket. Larger simple shapes are more forgiving! Leave a gap between each shape so that you don’t have to be too perfect with your brushwork.
  3. Paint the outline of each shape using a smaller brush, and then fill in the shape with a larger brush. You will need to apply a couple of layers of paint, and be sure to fill in the areas between ridges on the baskets.


Words by: Samantha Totty
Photography by: Melanie Jenkins
Interior Designer: Samantha Totty

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