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How to make a crate storage shelf in pretty pastel hues

Create a simple crate storage shelf using plywood and a smattering of paint

You’ll need:

• 1 sheet of 2400mm x 1200mm plywood (at least 17mm thick)
• Measuring tape
• Pencil
• Skill saw
• Wood glue
• Screws
• Drill
• 3 wooden crates
• Paint brush
• Resene Dusky Pink, Resene Sea Nymph and Resene White

How to construct:

1. Measure the sheet of plywood into two pieces that are 600mm x 420mm (to make the sides) and three pieces that are 1020mm x 420mm (for the top, middle shelf and bottom of the box).

2. Cut with a skill saw. If you are not confident about cutting the lines straight, clamp a straight edge or level to the plywood and run the skill saw along it. If you don’t have a skill saw, ask your local timber supply store to cut these measurements when you buy the sheet of plywood.

3. To construct the box frame, run a strip of wood glue along the edge of one of the 600mm x 420mm pieces of plywood and attach it to a 1020mm x 420mm piece.

4. Ensure the corner is straight, then screw the pieces together with your drill. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to construct the rest of the box frame.

5. When the box frame is constructed, measure and mark the height of the middle shelf – this one is 300mm high (to fit the crates) – and then screw into place.

6. Paint the crates with two coats using a Resene testpot or Resene Lumbersider. Allow the paint to dry between each. Then, slot them into your shelf.

How to recreate the scallop paint effect:

It’s simple to recreate. Make a half-circle template out of cardboard, draw a level line on the wall in pencil, then trace the scallop pattern on top of the line. Paint with your favourite Resene colour – Nikki used Resene Destiny.

Project and styling by: Nikki Kettle. Photography by: Anna Briggs.

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