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8 creative ways to make gifting a voucher more exciting

Creative ways to present a gift voucher

One of the certainties of Christmas is that you’ll either give or receive at least one voucher. So, how do you wrap your gift card with wrapping paper or other crafty objects in a beautiful way?

How do you wrap a gift voucher creatively?

This year, rather than presenting your loved one with a standard envelope or card, try one of our eight creative ways to wrap and present a gift card. These simple ideas can be gifted all year round and will make receiving a practical token just that little bit more magical.

8 beautiful ways to wrap a gift card or voucher

1. Wrap it in a beautiful scarf

voucher gift wrapping ideas

With scarves currently trending and some gorgeous versions readily available in shops, give the fashionista in your life a gift voucher wrapped in a beautiful scarf. Find a small box and place your voucher inside. Fold the scarf into a triangle shape and place the box in the middle. Fold the bottom, pointy end up over the box, bring the top side down, then fold the two outer ends towards each other and tie in a knot to secure.

SHOP THE LOOK: Daisy satin scarves, $13.99 (usually $19.95), from Cotton On.

2. Hide the voucher in a cracker

voucher gift wrapping ideas

If you like to make your own crackers and are also planning on giving someone a gift voucher, then combine the two by using a DIY cracker kit large enough to fit a voucher inside. Add a few sweets or chocolates as an extra treat and don’t forget a nice loud banger!

SHOP THE LOOK: DIY bonbon kit, $5.40, Velvet with Gold Edge Wire Ribbon, $4.00, from Spotlight.

3. Inside a practical cup

voucher gift wrapping ideas

If the teen in your life loves smoothies, treat them to a fab new smoothie jar and pop a voucher inside.

SHOP THE LOOK: Metal Smoothie Cup, $14.99 ( usually $24.99), from Cotton On.

4. Inside a cute bag, of your own making or store bought

voucher gift wrapping ideas

If you have some basic sewing skills, whip up a few voucher-sized bags. They can be made in minutes and decorated with a mini bell, tag or tassel. Use some leftover fabric or buy a pre-cut square of fabric (called a ‘fat quarter’) from your fabric shop for around $5. You can get three bags out of one fat quarter, so this is a very cost-effective option. Alternatively, find a bunch at your local craft store to use throughout the festive season.

SHOP THE LOOK: Small Foil Spots Kraft Bag (5 pack), $10.40, from Spotlight. Tinsel decorations, $4.87, from The Warehouse.

5. Inside a stylish tray or cannister

voucher gift wrapping ideas

You can’t beat a stylish canister filled with favourite treats and a gift card for a winning Christmas present. Canisters can be picked up relatively cheaply and are an inexpensive way to dress up a voucher. Simply fill with chocolate, nuts or sweets, pop the voucher in the middle, add the lid and secure with ribbon and a gift tag.

SHOP THE LOOK: Trinket Tray, $17.99, from Typo

6. Attach the gift voucher a toy the receiver would love

voucher gift wrapping ideas

Kids will love this cute idea. Take some plastic animals and give them a coat of paint using a testpot. Place a gift voucher in a small box and tie it to the back of the animal using ribbon or twine. This way they’ll have a toy to play with now, as well as a token to spend once the excitement is all over.

SHOP THE LOOK: Jungle World Animal Figureines Set, $24.00, from Amazon

8. Post the voucher in a fun envelope

voucher gift wrapping ideas

If you are posting a voucher and need to keep the weight and size down, look out for some envelope options that can be dressed up and easily popped into a postage bag. Here we simply placed the voucher in a gold cardboard envelope and sealed the flap with a cute pom pom and gift tag.

SHOP THE LOOK: 10 Pack Envelopes, $3.50, from Kmart

8. Gift your voucher with a mug and sweets

voucher gift wrapping ideas

Gifting vouchers is easy and practical but can also be a little on the safe side. With a little creativity, it’s easy to make your vouchers look and feel a bit special. Here we’ve popped a gift token inside a nice mug, added some chocolates, and tied a little jingle bell on the handle. Practicality comes hand in hand with this gift and can be added to the festive table setting alongside with the DIY Christmas crackers.

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Words and styling by: Vanessa Nouwens. Photography by: Wendy Fenwick, Melanie Jenkins

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