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Four ways with chopping boards

If you thought chopping boards were just for cutting vegetables, you thought wrong! Here are four creative ways for re-purposing this common household item…


Look sharp

Paint stripes onto boards; let dry. Place a mirror tile on each board and use a pencil to mark where it will sit. Turn mirror over and apply Liquid Nails adhesive to the back. Carefully place mirror back on the board. Knot cord onto each handle to hang.



Place pre-cut marble tile on board, aligning to the sides and corners. Use a pencil to mark along the top edge of the marble onto board. Use a handsaw to cut the board along this line. Sand edge until smooth. Paint top section of the board. Apply Liquid Nails along the top edge of the tile and firmly press onto the cut end of board.


Doggy do

Get an expert to cut out a circle in the board to fit your bowl. Apply Liquid Nails onto each timber foot, then align and attach. Let dry. Turn board right-side up. Stencil the name of your pet on one end. Tape lines and paint two stripes on the other end. Let dry; remove tape; place bowl in hole.


Key learning

Paint five pieces of 16mm-wide pine dowel in your chosen colours. Mask off lines with painter’s tape, and paint centre of board. Remove tape when paint is dry. Place pieces of dowel on the board where you’d like hooks to be. Put Liquid Nails adhesive under each piece of dowel and press firmly in place. Once dry, tie rope around the handle.

Styling by: Imogene Roache. Photography by: Brett Stevens. Styling Assistant: Natalie Johnson.

Wooden feet and pine dowel from Bunnings. Marble-look tile from Tile Space.

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