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Create your own fabric plant holder

These easy fabric bags have a multitude of uses: here they make super-cute plant holders

DIY, fabric plant holders

You will need

  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Cotton
  • Iron
  • 2 pieces of fabric 40cm x 50cm (use two different fabrics if you want a contrasting fold-down top).
  • 2 pieces of fabric for the base, approx 16cm in diameter. These need to be the same as the basket fabric.



  1. Sew the inside and outside fabric pieces together at the top (lengthways) making sure the good sides are facing each other. Sew about half a centimetre in from the edge.
  2. Turn fabric back the other way so both good pieces of fabric are facing out and iron flat. This will create a nice top edge.
  3. Fold fabric in half short-ways (so you have a rounded shape), with the outside of the basket fabric on the inside and sew down the edge.
  4. You will now have a tube with openings at both ends.
  5. Take both pieces of the round base fabric and pin these together onto the bottom of the bag (the unsewn end) ready to sew.
  6. Slowly sew the round based fabric to the base of the bag with a sewing machine, ensuring the base fabric is facing the right way.
  7. Turn bag inside out and fold down top to desired height.


TIP: Use a heavyweight fabric for this project, as it will give your bucket more structure. We used coloured denim for the outside and drill fabric for the inside.


Created by: Vanessa Nouwens
Photography by: Melanie Jenkins
Interior Designer: Vanessa Nouwens

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