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Celebrate Easter in style with these decorated Easter eggs

This fun activity is the perfect way to use up any old nail varnish you have lying around the house

You will need

Decorative, blown-out or hard-boiled eggs

Old container

Nail polish, in various colours

Protective gloves

Wooden skewer

Foam and pins for drying rack

1 Before you being, place rows of pins into foam (about 4cm apart) to make a drying rack. Fill container with water. Add 4 or 5 drops of nail colour onto the water’s surface. Repeat with two or more colours.

2 Using the skewer, drag the colour across the surface of the eater to fill any gaps. Gently run the skewer back and forth across the surface of the colour to create a pleasing pattern. Do not overwork.

3 Holding the egg between the thumb and forefinger of the gloved hand, roll across the surface of the colour wash, covering as much of the egg as possible. Place on the drying rack. Once dry, repeat on the undyed area.

Note: Varnished eggs are not suitable to be consumed

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