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4 creative craft projects using your old denim jeans

Grab that old pair of jeans you’ve got stashed at the back of the wardrobe and give them a new lease on life with these clever craft projects


Heart cushion

+ Cut the inner leg seam of a pair of jeans all the way down.
+ Open up the leg so the outside seam is in the middle.
+ Create a paper template of a heart about 42cm wide by 36cm long.
+ Using the template, cut out 2 hearts from the denim (with the seam running down the centre of each heart).
+ Place hearts together, right sides facing out.
+ Sew around heart, 1.5cm in from the edge, but leave a small gap for the stuffing.
+ Stuff cushion with filling then sew up gap.



+ Update some plain placemats by simply cutting the back pockets off a pair of old jeans and sewing them on to create cute cutlery holders.


Key ring

+ Find a scrap of old denim and cut out 2 identical shapes of your choice; we chose a heart measuring 12cm long by 12cm wide.
+ Place shapes on top of one another, right sides out.
+ Cut off a belt loop from an old pair of jeans and insert between fabric pieces at the point where you want to attach your keys, leaving the loop protruding.
+ Sew around shape and attach key ring to loop.


Re-cover a stool

+ A great way to revamp an old or tired-looking stool is to re-cover it.
+ Cut the inner leg seam of a pair of jeans all the way down.
+ Place the widest part of the denim over the stool, ensuring there is enough fabric to wrap under the stool.
+ Cut off any excess denim and slowly start staple-gunning the denim to the underside of the stool, making neat pleats where necessary.
+ Fold over the edge of the denim before stapling for a nice finish.

Created by: Vanessa Nouwens. Photography by: Melanie Jenkins.

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