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The third Resene Colour Home Awards finalist is a dreamy modern farmhouse

The third finalist of the Resene Colour Home Awards unveils a soft palette in her dreamy farmhouse in Blenheim. We discover how the project brings them one step closer to opening their home as a B&B

The third Resene Colour Home Awards finalist is a dreamy modern farmhouse

David and Kirsty Wraight’s home reveals their joint endeavours as passionate home owners. David built the house, which merges villa and farm house, while Kirsty directed the interiors and colour scheme.

Nestled into a hilly 1.5-acre property on the outskirts of Blenheim, the house is also a little bit French country, which prompted Kirsty to choose soft colour tones, punctuated with the occasional surprise. “The kitchen units are Resene ‘Quarter Rice Cake’ and for a stark contrast the scullery units are Resene ‘Blackjack’ with Resene ‘Quarter Rice Cake’ walls,” says Kirsty. Meanwhile, the kitchen walls are a soft touch in Resene ‘Emerge’.

With three bedrooms in which to work her magic, the most feminine is in Resene ‘Brandy Rose’. “The pink came about by me looking at the Resene samples for something a bit different. I love playing with colour,” she says.

“I went with chocolate and green on the bed to bring out colours in the curtains, ground the room and give it a slightly more masculine feel as I had visions that it could be a bit ‘fluffy’, especially as I’m going to do bed and breakfast.”

“The bedrooms have a dado with Resene ‘Quarter Rice Cake’ below,” says Kirsty. “I put colour on the top two thirds of the wall to show off the scotia to its best advantage.”

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Words by: Jo Bates. Photography by: Jane Dove Juneau.

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