How to break free from the daily grind


Eleanor Cripps shares the art of winging it and embracing the freedom of spontaneity 

Many people believe that spontaneity is something you either have or you don’t – that it’s a personality trait we’re born with. However, much like everything in life, it’s a practice. The more you weave improvisation into your daily life, the better you become at embracing spur-of-the-moment fun.

As humans, we tend to be creatures of habit. We love to establish a routine and stick to it because it feels comfortable.

I’m certainly no stranger to this. Personally, I love a good ritual. But how do you strike the balance between structure and escaping the humdrum of daily life? Here are five simple ideas to help you break out of autopilot and experience more beauty in spontaneity.

1. Spend less time consuming and more time creating

In today’s digital age, it’s easy to fall into the trap of spending excessive amounts of time on social media, consuming copious amounts of information that we’re not designed to handle. It’s no wonder we often end up feeling stagnant and unmotivated to try something new. The trick to breaking out of this cycle is to put down your device and focus on what you can create rather than consume.

Creativity breeds more creativity. Whether it’s cooking, painting, writing, or any other form of artistic expression, engaging in creative endeavours allows us to break free from the constraints of routine and discover new opportunities.

2. Change up your environment

The spaces we spend time in every day play a significant role in shaping our habits and behaviours. One of the simplest ways to be more spontaneous is to change up your environment. You can start small, by rearranging items or furniture in your home. You can also take a different walking route from usual, or try out a new coffee shop in your neighbourhood.

Perhaps do this on a larger scale by travelling to further-flung areas such as a new city or country. Nothing beats that feeling of stumbling upon an unfamiliar restaurant, store or neat place by accident. This is the beauty of spontaneity.

Put down your device and focus on what you can create rather than consume. 

3. Allow free space in your schedule

Stress and spontaneity are two words that do not go together. In fact, they do a fantastic job of cancelling each other out. To feel more adventurous, I find that scheduling time to be bored does the trick wonderfully. The next time you find yourself with a few spare minutes, resist the urge to rush to fill them with distractions or crossing things off your to-do list. Instead, allow yourself to be curious and see what happens.

4. Embrace your inner child

If you spend time with a young child, you might notice that they have a remarkable ability to be completely present in the moment. Their lack of an agenda means that at a moment’s notice, they can switch effortlessly from one activity to the next – a wonderful reminder of how exciting life can be when we let go of adult inhibitions.

If you find yourself feeling too rigid and caught up in the seriousness of adult life, you might benefit from hanging out with a kid and embracing their point of view. Many times, my own children teach me to be less serious and more spontaneous.

5. Imagine what someone more spontaneous would do

Failing all of the above, it can help to imagine someone who embodies an intuitive, live-in-the-moment attitude.

Ask yourself, “What would a spontaneous person do in this situation?” Then proceed to go and do exactly that. Remember that a spontaneous mindset is cultivated through intentional actions, thoughts and practices. Challenge yourself daily to do something spontaneous. Life is too short to stick to routine and miss out on the joy of embracing the unexpected.

Words: Eleanor Cripps, Home Wellness Expert

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